Common law FAQ: Commercial Liens ''Live''

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Hi OD viewers, in the FAQ chat live on Zoom I discuss with admins from the Common Law group various aspects of common law, commercial Liens, and standing your ground, especially in these trying times. How to retain jurisdiction and bring a claim in the private. I hope you find some of the information we discussed useful. Common-Law Telegram group: Common law BC Channel: The lien Machine eBook: Law of Liberty eBook: Patreon: How to report a crime online: Paypal: BTC: 19Zmmp1tkJWFRD81swfAwpnisAmAgvvwd9 LTC: LW234Z53oVfeGZAXxsmMQC6ERwffpK7vBR Twitter: OD Bitchute Channel: Telegram Group (OD) Marks Lawful school with access to membership and foundation courses: Use discount code “Pegasus” to get your 10% off membership. OD Store: VPN DEAL: