Fake Swiss Child Protective Organisations Isolate the Children away from their Parents, so the Evil Ones can Control ...

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elvisvena1980@gmail.com The Swiss Freemason Chnüsou and his Feminist Pinklistkillers going after the Children and kicking Elvis out of SwiSSyland, because Elvis talked about lobbying by Secret Societies in Swiss Parliament thus unknowingly breaking the SwiSS Laws of Silence, therefore SwiSSy Freemason Professor Knüsel destroying his university studies with four years of university and his future in the bin because of SwiSS Freemason Professor René Knüsel called "The Chnüsou" . Elvis his Youtube channel and his film "Sean Hross: The Pharaonic Warfare": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgnX3ebPbyU&t=166s