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My apologies friends, this isn’t the copy I wanted to release, it has some errors, but I can’t get to my content right now. My family and I have to go visit my Uncle who had a stroke and we should be home in a few days, then I’ll post both copies. Thank you for hanging in there.

In this video I read the full Book of Giants, then the midrash of Semyaza, then the last part is from a modern theological seminary where you can see that they get it wrong and describe the sons of seth, the incorrect doctrine! *Remember that I’m not saying anything, I’m reading from old texts.*

*How tall were the Giants?* You can find that here in the Book Of Enoch:

The Bible tells us the Giants are real and they will come again. This can’t be acknowledged by secular society as they’d have to rewrite every historical and scientific text, which they’re loath to do. Also it would give credence to the Bible. The Book of Enoch, The Holy Bible and several other researchers as well as Mudfossil University's evidence and many archaeological sights all prove that giants and the Nephilim were tremendous creatures who had a worldwide advanced ancient culture. All archaeologists will tell you that human civilization springs from the earth fully formed, with weapons and laws and cities. The rule in archaeology is the deeper one digs, the more quality the building structure, and the more advanced the concepts. We have had advanced technology from the beginning of human existence. This was the knowledge that was passed from the Fallen Angels to the Nephilim, the giants and all ancient human cultures. Which is why all ancient cultures have those correlated traits in their histories. The Hindu and Vedic texts of the Mahabharata tell of huge, powerful creatures doing battle in the air, the mirrored myths in Babylon, Greece, Rome, Persia, Africa, The Americas (Olmec, Inca, Maya, American Indians, The Moundbuilders who drained the copper mines near the great lakes)... the Phillipines, Hawaii, Australia, China, Tibet, Russia... you name it....all over the world every culture mirrors these tales, they're identical aside from the names of the characters. All cultures have an Adam & Eve story and they all have a flood narrative. Interesting that the giants are said to have a home near mt. meru where they have 26 towns made for them, and that their language there was Arya-Vezan, or Aryan-Vedic (the two main splits of language on earth from east to west).

~ Aliens/UFOs Are Demons

~ Before The Flood They Had A Worldwide Civilization,

~ All ancient “myths” are true or very close to the truth & they tell of the wars and exploits of the Titans, Angels and monsters.

*Check out this video filled with real archaeological finds of Biblical giants, some over 30 feet tall:*

The Earth is a level, static (unmoving) enclosed circular plane, as described in the Holy Bible. The Bible is 100% right. Sam, Shem, Shamsiel, Sham and Shemyaza are different translations of the word Semyaza, the first angel that came to Earth and impregnated women. Interesting that this is the same name used in famous ufo abductions and ufo meetings. The most famous of these is Billy Meier, who claimed to meet a beautiful woman named ‘Semyaza’, confirming that people who think they’ve met aliens in ufo’s have been fooled by demons.
It is no wonder for Satan can transform…

*Antarctic Ice Wall & Distance Around It - Explorers Accounts Of The Great Southern Barrier*

*A fake Giant? You be the judge - A 20 Footer On TV News!*

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*God bless you.*