Germany: The Dark Secrets of the Super Rich

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The Quandts, Oetkers and von Fincks are some of the wealthiest and influential German dynasties. Where did their wealth come from and why are they so rich? These families have some dark secrets.

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0:00 Intro
4:16 Chapter 1 (Dr. Oetker)
12:04 Chapter 2 (von Finck)
18:15 Chapter 3 (Quandt)
26:39 Conclusion


Jimmy Svensson - Bad Connection
Stephen Keech - Black Hole
Ian Post - Gone Rough

Epidemic Sound

Johannes Bornlof - Monograph
Nbhd Nick - Add It Up (Instrumental Version)
Ruiqi Zhao - The Throne Is Mine
Eden Avery - Enter the Facility
Fabien Tell - Weapon of Choice
Johannes Bornlof - Scribbled Notes
Tilden Parc - Young & Paid (Instrumental Version)
Piper Ezz - Securing the City
Ethan Sloan - Back Up
Jerry Lacey - My Roommate Is a Spider
Alec Slayne - Conspiracy Inc.
Fabien Tell - Last Point of Safe Return
Gabriel Lewis - Cold War Games
Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen - Covert Affairs
Phoenix Tail - Dark Dealings
dreem - Nothing Lasts
Charles Holme - Dark Dripping
Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen - No Redemption
Phoenix Tail - Dark Woods
Michael Rothery - Turncoat
Eneide - Epic Thoughts
Gavin Luke - Beloved


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