Cern Man Dies Day Of Solar Eclipse And Weird Feelings (10-4-2024)

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Cern Man Dies Day Of Solar Eclipse And Weird Feelings! (10-4-2024) 


And thanks to DutchinChains, who sent me some April 8th screenshots and (Europe Red Zone) and the link for the vid  ;-)

(and btw, there has also been increased radiation measured by people in the 3 digit range, with their equipment during the "eclipse")

Anyways, imo all those freqencies they pumping out (in combination with chemtrailing) has everything to do with changing our consciousness they are working on, they want a new one for the sheeple, one that is fucked-up 

Obama once told the sheeple during a speech that: "even your thoughts are not your own, but were inspired by us" (your Ruling Masters), and they gave him a thunderous applause for those words...bunch of programmed infantile fucking imbeciles.