(Sean Hross) nr. 6 - Burn the Voodoo - Back to Hell (4-4-2024)

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(Sean Hross) nr.6 - Burn the Voodoo - Back to Hell (4-4-2024)

The Nubians think, that the white man took them as slaves, so they have no moral problems with charging these voodoo masks with demons in order to hurt the white race, but the white race are slaves themselves of Pharaoh's worldwide Nobility, who are the ones, who took the Nubian slaves and genocided the Native Americans and did the very same thing with the white tribes like the Celts in Europe. We are all tribesmen, and these Pharaohs are our Masters. Funny, it showed this demon's head in the screenshot from the video, which I directly put in the thumbnail.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stcX9fQpunc  (Start with video nr. 1 for the correct order.....justmec)