The Story of a Real Alien Invasion (The secret of the freemasons)

The great architect of the freemasons hidden in switzerland. Deepstate head and main planner.


The Story of a Real Alien Invasion

Who is God,
What is the real name of Jesus and 
Why is your life much more interesting than you think?

The central planner is the "Great Architect" of the free masons. It is a real alien object and it is hidden inside Gottard Tunnels in Switzerland.

The real alien invasion is nothing like in the movies. There are no armies of aliens with spaceships and laser guns. The alien is just one. No spaceships.
The war and the action does not take weeks or months but thousands of years. The alien is also very different. It does not look like us, it does not even look alive. But it is. It can not move and can not talk, but can communicate. It is very smart. It is not shooting us but rather hacking us.

This book will describe why you are not free, why your government is acting against the people and even against Life and nature and who or what is behind it all. You will understand the war stage, the current location of the enemy, the tactics and the nature of the enemy.