Did The CIA Infiltrate The Music Industry? From Hip Hop To Films - Our Fascination with Violence

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Did the CIA infiltrate the music industry and Hollywood? In this video I cover the connections between the CIA and the rise of gangster rap music, violent films, and our collective fascination with darker entertainment.
Was there a secret meeting that took place in Hip Hop that changed the themes from political and socially conscious to that of degeneracy and criminality? Or are we simply being fed what we subconsciously crave? Is there a deeper connection between the human psyche and our primal instincts driving our entertainment preferences?

From the crack epidemic of the 1980s and Ronald Reagan's controversial War on Drugs to skyrocketing incarceration rates. Was there a steady trajectory in incarceration rates before Gangster rap hit the mainstream? Also, discover the CIA's alleged involvement in dismantling the hippie movement and their purported roles in drug smuggling, the layers of secrecy get peeled back in this vid surrounding the CIAs influence on society and entertainment.

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