Why I dont believe in ELECTRIC or HYBRID for long-distance sailing (Sailing with Thomas) 24 jan 2024

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Why I don't believe in ELECTRIC or HYBRID for long-distance sailing (Sailing with Thomas) 24 jan 2024

In this video, I share why I believe a fully ELECTRIC is not a good idea for long-distance sailing. It's as I see it unrealistic and unsafe. I'm also explaining why I mean a HYBRID solution only is a IMAGINARY GREEN SOLUTION. The reality is that a hybrid solution end of the day only is a crazy expensive and complicated diesel solution, that is not as environmentally friendly as you might think. The most funny part of a Hybrid solution is that the one thing aboard my boat that I really would like to get rid of, is the same that will be the most critical component in a Hybrid solution. I am talking about the generator. A diesel generator is the way to go if you like to make things complicated, unreliable, and expensive. Knowing that you will depend 100% on a machine that will fail more than you can imagine, and you will still burn more diesel than you think should put some warning lights on. In this video, I have used images and calculations from Oceanvolt. A company I believe has the best solutions today, but unfortunately, I still believe that before batteries and electric solutions are even within a range of safety and economics there will be new and better technology competing these solutions. From my point of view, a fully electric should not get a CE class A certification. A stands for offshore sailing, or blue water if you like.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJYKYICEUlE  ;


Yep, it's a big joke all those electric drives, for boats... or for cars, bicycles, bus transport, trucks, which also regularly catch fire, a battery problem :P  ...and I'm not even talking about the maintenance costs, which are much higher than combustion engines, and then there are the software problems, etc., etc, or replacement costs of the batteries, and then the charging times of your battery (bring your puzzle book with you while charging :p ) or, the fact that when it freezes, you have less than half the battery capacity, and you can't even charge your batteries below freezing point, because the chargers along the road no longer work. Also the second-hand value of electric cars, which drops dramatically after 1 year... who wants to buy a used EV?... almost no one....anyways, it's a big nightmare all that electrical junk they force on everyone

By the way, this video of Thomas is BRILLIANT, ...and his final conclusion at the end of his vid when he says; ..I might as well paint my boat green, 🤣😂🤣

Nice link 🤣  https://cowboystatedaily.com/2024/01/25/ev-owners-not-charged-about-buying-new-tires-every-10-000-miles/