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From 1899 to 2024 finally Nikola Tesla and I, your host, UAP a.k.a. Douglas irl, are tag-teaming to provide you with some truth about the shape of our realm! We can determine the extent of the outermost boundary of an invisible reflective field by using reflection times of electromagnetic wave radiation by examining the echoes.

Long-Delayed Echoing Radio Waves make sense in an enclosed space with distant boundaries that seem to have a flexible surface in the shape of a huge torus or doughnut. Mainstream science acknowledges the 🍩 shape of Earth’s magnetic field. But they stop short of drawing conclusions about how it reflects the signals the way it does. The outer boundaries extend beyond the theoretical Lagrange point of the assumed positions of the Earth and Moon, perhaps even beyond assumed distance to the Moon but not far past that, definitely not much, but more likely the echoes show a much closer, parabolic reflecting surface higher than the “ionosphere” to approximately 20k-50k kilometers away at least for a 142ms echo. The reflected signals could be from an invisible barrier. This reflecting wall, whatever it is, seems to shift, and it even changes shape by time of year, solar weather, while possibly keeping a toroidal configuration with the center being the geomagnetic center (Pole) of the Earth.

High five Niko!

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Originally this channel was just to chronicle and/or debunk Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UFOs/UAPs) as well as other "conspiracy theories"... LOL, after delightfully failing to do that I became known as "UAP", "Underrated Actual Physicist" Here originally to debunk Conspiracy theories that can actually be debunked, but more often I'm skewering the mainstream myths of this mad world run by creeps manipulating people into believing the lies. They're everywhere, and the work I do mitigates the problems of navigating a constant threat from dangerous Complicity Theorists and the multiple schemes they're incubating and hatching as unaware accomplices. I need all the support you can give to carry out this important mission.

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