(Sean Hross) Room 101 Part 3 SwiSSys Alien Covenant (12 jan 2024)

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(Sean Hross) Room 101 Part 3: SwiSSy's Alien Covenant (12 jan 2024)
12 jan 2024

Every time when I listen to my "Hey SwiSSy" clip and hear myself sing, I feel Victor Jara near me and feel the same emotions as listening to his songs for freedom and justice in the world with the same underlying sadness in his voice, as when I listen to my own voice singing my song against these SwiSS Nazis and their incredible crimes against humanity. Victor Jara got murdered by the Nazis in the notorious football stadium in 1973 at the age of just 40 years old, just as the SwiSSies murdered me inside, and I wasn't even 40 years old, when the SwiSSies tortured me through Code O2T the first time in 1997 spending one entire year in an isolation cell without enough oxygen. Due to the SwiSS terror and torture from 1997 until 2024 I didn't play the guitar anymore for 27 years until now with my "Hey SwiSSy" clip, as if something had snapped inside of me through the SwiSS hatred, terror and torture. And it was also the SwiSSies and their Bernese police chief Heinrich Rothmund, who issued Red Cross passports to all the Nazi war criminals like Klaus Barbie, Adolf Eichmann, Joseph Mengele, Ante Pavelic and the rest to take the ODESSA ratline to South America. Today this SwiSS Red Cross Nazi organisation and the Geneva based UN United Nations Nazi organisation find it okay, that the Hamas Rapist Party do their Nazi crimes against defenceless Jaywalkers and their children, Hey SwiSSy! So in some sense of destiny I've always felt connected to Victor Jara through music and political commitment, and now coming to a climax, how SwiSSy is the common Nazi denominator leading to both Victor Jara's agony and mine; Veritas Temporis Filia - the truth is the daughter of time. Just wait SwiSSy, and fear the truth coming at you! There are many conflicting accounts of Jara's last days but the 2019 Netflix documentary Massacre at the Stadium pieces together a convincing narrative. As a famous musician and prominent supporter of Allende, Jara was swiftly recognised on his way into the stadium. An army officer threw a lit cigarette on the ground, made Jara crawl for it, then stamped on his wrists. Jara was first separated from the other detainees, then beaten and tortured in the bowels of the stadium. At one point, he defiantly sang "Venceremos (We Will Win)", Allende's 1970 election anthem, through split lips. On the morning of the 16th, according to a fellow detainee, Jara asked for a pen and notebook and scribbled the lyrics to "Estadio Chile", which were later smuggled out of the stadium: "How hard it is to sing when I must sing of horror. / Horror which I am living, horror which I am dying." Two hours later, he was shot dead, then his body was riddled with machine-gun bullets and dumped in the street. He was 40 

Sean Hross
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Don't forget that almost all symbolism has been falsified/made up interpretations, by the evil, sick psychopathic rulers, to use it to their advantage, just like the ancient history that they have rewritten/falsified etc, many times to feed the illusion in which you think that it's the truth... all their bullshit lies are based on having power over humanity and keeping it that way

Anyway, what most people don't think about/and most don't know, is that; In order to correctly interpret symbolism, you must be in possession of 5 secret keys... and unfortunately only 2 are known, plus, in what language and which sounds were used then to express their knowledge in their language? also of peoples of whom we no longer even know their existence anymore because everything about them has perished due to the long-gone ravages of time.

So I repeat my comment from: https://alive528.com/video/22365  ; ""But; unfortunately Hross, All (let me be gentle, most of it) of all that symbolism has been changed by those in power, for their advantage. The circle with wings, for example, depict the monad that houses the spirit that flies eternally through time and space, which also symbolizes the evolution of the spirit that goes on forever...it is not the sun or Horus the Egyptian falcon god or whatever they make up from it, everything is different than people think, so that you don't even believe the truth. ...Anyways, someone has to say it at some point...but than they say, that I'm crazy...pfff logical, otherwise their illusion will collapse""