(Sean Hross) The Raven of Zurich (15 dec 2023)

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(Sean Hross) The Raven of Zurich (15 dec 2023)
15 dec 2023

The Raven of Zürich of Pharaoh's Nobility was a SwiSS bankster and the most powerful banker of his time and era during, before and between the two World Wars setting it all in place destroying Europe and its population for the internal war of the Nobility behind the screens in between the vertical rule OWO and the horizontal rule NWO. The SwiSS raven personally knew all the elite players of his time like the Emperors of Germany and Austria central Europe's most mighty Empires, that were destroyed by the NWO over two World Wars in this internal Pharaonic war played out of their neutral base of SwiSSyland in the Alps called "The Beast" for insiders. Of course the SwiSS Raven was there in 1923 in the Villa Schönberg, when the SwiSSies and their Masters financed Adolf Hitler, as the SwiSS Raven was practically living down the road of the Villa Schönberg in Zürich Switzerland, where the basics of World War II were settled far from the public eye, who still don't know, what really happened in Zürich SwiSSyland, when the SwiSSies invited Adolf Hitler in the Villa Schönberg with the Raven of Zürich living around the corner and definately attended the meeting.