The truth about smallpox

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Smallpox. Just this word alone makes us shiver. In 1958, despite the Cold War, the Soviet Union, the United States and other countries united to rid the world's population of this terrible disease. All conflicts and turmoil between the heads of these powers were set aside in order to focus joint efforts on vaccine production and supply, especially to developing countries, where the problem of smallpox was of greater concern to them than hunger, water pollution and lack of necessary resources.

It was smallpox and the massive campaign of its "eradication" it that finally popularized vaccination even in the most remote corners of our world, and vaccine advocates always pull out the trump card of smallpox “eradication” in debates with those who doubt the necessity of these procedures.

This video dispels not only the popular myth about the existence of the smallpox virus, but also the myth about the existence of smallpox as an independent disease and its "eradication".

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Big thanks to my friend Kristen who helped me to translate this video in English! ❤️💫

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