5NOV12 SELF-AMPLIFYING RNA Coming Soon; Deagel Depopulation and..

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 December 5th, 2023. - 5NOV12 SELF-AMPLIFYING RNA Coming Soon; Deagel Depopulation and Vaccine Rates (The David Knight Show)

UPDATE on NZ murder by injection — some in the anti-WarpSpeed camp don't believe the NZ whistleblower's data is what it purports to be …so why doesn't the NZ government dispute it?  Instead, the fascists arrest and charge him which tells us….

Moderna has had a censorship group utilizing AI and former spooks to target and censor critics in media and social media, operating in 200 countries
Deagel's death predictions line up not only with the vax uptake, but those willing to get the untested shot aligns closely with the numbers from the Milgram & Asch psychological experiments — 2/3 would follow peer pressure and the same number would obey authority figures when they knew both were wrong.  69% took both shots of the jab and Deagel predicted 69% population reduction by 2025
Rising Anti-Vax movement against childhood vaccinations — something to celebrate.

SELF-AMPLIFYING RNA shots — what are they, how soon are they coming
Vaccine injured firefighter forced to get a 2nd WarpSpeed after severe reactions to the 1st shot is now disabled with heart disease but NYFD won't pay disability — he's suing

Microsoft shows their character in signing a deal with Chinesse Communist Party for propaganda, but it's their CCPA (Coalition for Content Provenance & Authentication) that is a direct threat to speech everywhere for everyone

Will GOP Speaker Johnson be able to shut down Ukraine aid if the American border is not protected?

Newsom spent $100M funding entertainment programs to promote teen suicide and transitioning

Canadian bureaucracy (and some American jurisdictions) push a Marxist line of attack on Christmas and free exercise of religion
Brenda Lee's "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" finally hits #1 after 65 years
Gold & Bitcoin are jumping — is it interest rates, de-dollarization?
The Global Government Digital Summit — global governance is a conspiracy, not a "theory"

Mind controlled devices by 2040 or sooner?  Does anyone besides government want or need this?

George Santos — a human version of ChatGPT — will now record messages for you for cash!
Chris Cuomo begins to identify as Republican — in search of an audience?
DeSantis reminds Republicans in Congress that conducting show trials over Biden impeachment will backfire if they ignore the problems (created by government) that directly affect people 

Venezuela holds an election to see if they should invade neighboring country and steal their oil. Surprise, 95% says yes — LOL.
The document that shows Israel knew Hamas was going to attack and how — and higher ups suppressed the information.  Israel has AI program for targeted assassinations they call "Gospel"
Ukraine is losing badly and it looks like we've used the last of the Ukrainians in a proxy war with Russia.   Zelensky may be removed.