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Stop 5G Now! By Reza Ganjavi (www.rezamusic.com, www.emfcrisis.com). Give Peace A Chance John Lennon

Stop 5G Now! By Reza Ganjavi (www.rezamusic.com, www.emfcrisis.com). Give Peace A Chance John Lennon

6 months
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Happy Global Protest Day 2020: 240 Events in 36 countries!!

Reza Ganjavi (Lyrics, Arrangement, Vocals, Guitar, Foot Tambourine, Videography).

Thanks to Livia Herrmann (bass), Michael Egger (sound engineer who stepped in last minute as singer/ percussion player when two singers had to cancel last minute), Kate Kheel (artistic advisor).

Thanks to John Kuhles, the founder and Admin of Stop5G global Facebook group. I (Reza Ganjavi) has the pleasure of being the co-Admin of that Facebook forum. Join us: https://www.facebook.com/groups/stop5g/ See John's Twitter page: https://twitter.com/Stop5G

The enemy is the wicked wireless industry and their corrupt captured government regulators, and ICNIRP which is responsible for much of the misery we're in with this terrible RF pollution since ICNIRP has consistently ignored biological effect and has maintained its stupid, dogmatic, morally corrupt pro-industry stance. Read Dr. Lennart Hardell's recent letter about ICNIRP, Martin Röösli (Roosli) -- a project conceived and coordinated by Reza Ganjavi https://emfcrisis.yolasite.com/hardell-calling-out-roosli.php

Also Useless Nations (a.k.a., UN) has proven to be extremely useless and lazy and perhaps even corrupt as it totally ignore the massive scientist appeal of 2015 for years (www.emfscientist.org) to tighten the standards to include biological effect.

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Produced by Reza Ganjavi. All Rights Reserved.
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