AZ Stands Up Founder Julie Wentz - Freedom For Arizona & People Everywhere AZ Stands Up Founder Julie Wentz - Freedom For Arizona & People Everywhere

AZ Stands Up Founder Julie Wentz - Freedom For Arizona & ...

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AZ Stands Up Founder Julie Wentz - Freedom For Arizona & People Everywhere | Richard Sacks

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 8/15/21

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Julie Wentz ( saw that people in her state of Arizona were being abused and their Natural Rights, guaranteed by state and federal constitutions, were being violated. She understood that in America, or any country in the world, people's Natural Rights come to them from God. They are not privileges granted by governments, corporations or "health" authorities. Because of this they can never be taken away. That also means those rights and freedoms cannot EVER be "suspended," even momentarily. Our Natural Rights are UNALIENABLE, and they remain so, even when a government becomes tyrannical and genocidal, as is happening in the U.S. and all over the world today. The citizens of any country own their government, not vice-versa.

The points that all the "pandemic" numbers are entirely fabricated because there is no real test for COVID-19 in use anywhere in the world, and that the virus has not been isolated or shown to exist, are quite true. However, these are not the reasons why the lockdowns, and rules for masks, distancing and vaccines are invalid. Even if the "pandemic" were real, even if there was a real virus, and even if the death rate from this virus were very high, Natural Rights are unalienable, and cannot ever be suspended, period. Health authorities, corporations and governments can tell people the truth of a situation and make recommendations. But they are not allowed to violate our rights.

In any free country, as it should be everywhere, we make our own individual decisions and are fully responsible for the outcomes. If we foolishly believe in the value of a deadly vaccine, we may pay for that mistake with our own lives or the lives of our children, but the responsibility is ours. It does not belong to some government or corporate tyrant, or to some arrogant "health" official who never learned what it means that real science is never settled.

Julie Wentz knew that each of us has the personal responsibility to learn all we can and contribute in any way possible to keep freedom alive. That is the point of Arizona Stands up, and is a strong encouragement to people in other states and other countries to act in the same spirit, in whatever ways make sense in their own environments. This Sunday, Julie will be bringing us up to date on the current projects of Arizona Stands Up, including the Freedom Town Hall, the Medical Freedom Alliance, the Freedom Papers and more. I'm looking forward to learning from Julie's inspiring work on this Sunday's show.

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Richard Sacks, Host