Pharaoh Giscard d'Estaing ruling over France in his Medieval Castle financed with Emperor Bokassa's corruption Diamonds

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In fact the SpOrt 2OOO logo had the square, as there are three circles in 2OOO for concept of three plus another one in the word spOrt adding up to concept of four; so it does say "square & compass", which I only saw later, when I had it all imported in my computer. The same for the three red Templar V's on the lorry, because behind it there was another V in blue; so also here it did in fact say concept of 4 & 3 for "square & compass". It's everywhere, and everything belongs to them. And we are just their slaves, who are going to be locked up in our homes and forced to the needle with Pharaoh's magic to make us infertile like a genetically manipulated Monsanto plant.