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From the Dub Weaponry digital EP.
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Text by Sean Hross:

Warrior vs. Soldier A warrior (Ksatriya) is able to take decisions himself - a soldier needs a general to take up orders. A warrior thinks autonomously and is spiritual - a soldier takes drugs and alcohol (al kohl etymology is illusion in arab). A warrior has a code of honour conscience nor ethics. a soldier possesses neither A warrior protects children, cause they're sacred - a soldier kills them, as in My Lai, Auschwitz, in all air raids on cities and bombs on children's rooms, in all genocides, massmurders and massacres on civilians; all that soldiers enjoy doing so; if s supposed to be good for the "esprit de corps" or something of a kind. A warrior still remembers, that the Pharaohs precisely that way justified a police and an army through robber barons and gangsters who were they themselves as well; equally as the 2 skyscrapers in AMe-Ri-Ka blown up by the Pharaohs themselves in order to justify further warcrimes - a soldier doesn't care about all that, he's a pure instrument within. A soldier cultivates sexual abstention and the sublimation of ist energies, cause through every ejaculation essentials as the "Liquid Gold" are being extracted through the spiral cord with into the head; the articulations feel non greased and one becomes terrestial without the higher force - a soldier rapes in war times and pays in peace times for it. A warrior will continue to be so into highly progressed age - a soldier is worn out at the age of 35.A warrior is also strong and brave in a situation alone against many - a soldier only is "strong" and "brave" when many against few. A warrior follows his conscience and fights against injustice - a soldier is being led by the Pharaohs (demons) and always searches the strongest side and that of the oppressor's. A warrior listens to the inner voice and the 6 th sense - a soldier only listens to the voice of the Pharaonic commander. A warrior is in no need to proove his masculinity all the time like by oppressing others for instance, cause he has full control over the knowledge; he shows his strength while playing - a soldier feels lost, when hierarchy is not defined, as in a pack of wild animals, who need the alpha leader. Mother, do raise as many warriors as possible, so the Pharaohs won't snatch your children to make soldiers out of them. And father do understand, that the rulers trap coming soldiers likewise, by presenting them manhood, strength and virility in advance, though it can only be completed by initiation of a manhoods ritual after the rules, laws and wisdom of the elders. For a warrior fear forms a natural element which can be interpreted, cause one can be warned for danger by it. A warrior's analysis says: what is stronger, one that stands up out of the trenches, runs towards the ennemy, gets a medal (posthumously) and celebrated a hero, only because he cracked and couldn't deal with fear anymore? Or is he stronger who remains in the trenches, deals with the fear, while noticing further on all warning lights of danger, who looks fear straight in the eyes and withstands it? - a soldier gets trained into fearlessness, cause this way he better carries out the orders; religious fanatics, political fanatics of a fuhrer s cult or chauvinist fanatics, these all are the Pharaonic ruler's means to either create cannon fodder or instruments of terror.But of course a warrior must be able to control his fear and under circumstances to be able to shut it off; but then only when he wants it and not when the others and their doctrines do want so or because fear just gets to overwhelming. But principally he lives with fear as being a sixth sensed ally. A warrior enjoys and needs loneliness for balance and thus to complement himself - a soldier doesn't manage alone nor without the so called "esprit de corps", he needs the "family" that the army substitutes him. A warrior doesn't need to talk without saying nothing, he is - a soldier must scream, shout and give out orders, otherwise he's not feeling confirmed. A warrior matches himself against infmity and the ancestors for measure - a soldier matches himself against hierarchy and the enemy. A warrior is a modest person and doesn't seek glamour - a soldier collects medals for his outrages. Futur warriors are being called by the inner quest - futur soldiers are lured in by the army by baits as strength, manhood and fearlessness to be gained thus presented in propaganda films; evidently cause they don't possess any of them. A warrior dresses himself as he pleases - soldiers all look alike in their forced garderobe. A warrior is able to organise himself by direct communication as in NonFacitPugnumDigitoUno - a soldier can only function in a given organisation. A warrior rinses his nose several times a day in order to have a sharp mind - a soldier rather puts drugs up his nose and owes a blunted mind.A warrior knows, that after the atomic war there will be one again with bow and arrow - a soldier believes that he'll never run out of weapons and munition. A warrior also uses elegant weapons, because he knows that a bullit can be stopped, but the word crashes through the wall, flies over borders as a military jet and swimms over oceans as a naval ship - for a soldier there only are destructive all killing weapons ranging from swords, rifles, grenades, tanks, naval vessels until atomic bombs . . . until all existence has died out. A warrior when naked still is a weapon - a soldier never can hang on sufficient armory. A warrior is aware, that war means to die himself - all soldiers are convinced of victory and that only the others die. A warrior knows, when one doesn't organise amongst eachother only the rulers will do so "for" you, without you and despite you - a soldier doesn't contemplate an organisation, he's just a part of it without being conscient about it. As a warrior hungers for justice he fasts every evening and night in solidarity with the poor and the starving ones - for a soldier there are canteens in peace times and pillaging in war times. A warrior utters in humour: my name is Bond . . . Vaga Bond - a soldier beleives, he's playing the leading part himself; after the principle of indoctrination of the medias propaganda machinery. N onFacitPugnumDigito Uno (with one finger only one cannot make a fist) Sean "Giureh" Hross 2008 Of the Free Mountains in the Republic of Jura