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Troubling recording of Postal clerks denying service for not wearing a mask to the Milton Post Office, my attempts to get the clerk to recognize exemptions under the American Disability Act, our quite acrimonious confrontation, and my subsequent letter-writing and emailing and phonecalling with various parties at the Office of the Inspector General, USPS, Consumer Affairs in Boston, and my return to the post-office—all of which has yielded the information that customers are not required to wear a mask to any US Post Office, while employees have been told to by upper management, although the US Postal Service recognizes fully that they do not need to keep the state and local mandates or orders on mask-wearing (so the question remains: why are they making their employees suffer through this inconvenience and medical hazard? And why are local post office managers and postmasters engaging in fraudulent acts of deceit and intimidation on the public—with verbal demands for masks and misleading signage on doors demanding masks?)

Discussion as well of our God-given rights and freedoms to breathe freely, the fact that this is an Unproven Pandemic, that fraud and deceit is being enacted by many parties at the level of government, media, retail stores and post offices, the science behind masks, and the need for all Americans to start standing up publicly for our rights and freedoms—for the sake of our democracy, our children, and each other, since totalitarianism and existing in a fraudulent state of global pandemic forever under the guise of medical benevolence and “global biosecurity” is still very much on the menu.