How wireless technology harms people and nature

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Presentation by Professor Emeritus Martin L. Pall. This video is footage from the High School GIH on 10th of March 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden.  Link to Martin Palls presentation from the video in PDF-format: %20(1).pdf   According to some authorities and governments, it is not possible for microwaves from mobile phones, WiFi, 'smart' meters, etc. to cause harm to human health or nature. They claim that research in the field is inconsistent and that there is no proof that such radiation can cause health issues.  According to the eminent physicist, geneticist and cell biologist, Prof. Emeritus Martin L. Pall, they are wrong on all counts.  Martin Pall, prof. Emeritus at Washington State University, has an impressive body of work. His first article on EMFs and their role in VGCC ion channels activation in cells earned a place in the "Global Medical Discovery" list of the most important articles in medicine in 2013.  Organizers: the Swedish Organization Vågbrytaren (the Breakwater, litt the Wavebreaker) in cooperation with Strålskyddsstiftelsen (Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation).  More information about the organizers here: