Details Of The Flat Earth Theory Unveiled - Veteran Flat Earth Researcher Mark Sargent


Details Of The Flat Earth Theory Unveiled - Veteran Flat Earth Researcher Mark Sargent | Richard Sacks

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 7/2/23

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Mark Sargent ( has been exploring Flat Earth theory for many years, and is the most knowledgeable Flat Earth proponent I have had the pleasure to speak with to date. Even more importantly, Mark's approach to this outside-the-box topic is refreshingly mature and logical, willing to look openly at both strong and weak points of the Flat-Earth model. That attitude can make discussion of any subject energizing and can bring us together in exploring our environment, to find out as much as possible about how it really works, so we can make the most of our brief time in this world.

In this visit, which is Mark's first appearance on Lost Arts Radio since 2017, we'll be talking about Admiral Byrd's trips to both the North and South Poles and what he really found there. We'll also look at Dr. Steven Greer's friend, a whistleblower who worked at the U.S. government's South Pole station. He has pictures of that station, but Flat-Earthers believe the South Pole doesn't exist as we know it. They also don't believe stars and planets exist either. We'll talk about aircraft flight pattern anomalies that seem to support Flat-Earth theory, and Mark will even answer some questions posed by a few our friends on Facebook. I think you'll enjoy our exploration of Flat-Earth Theory and getting to meet one of the most coherent and logical proponents, returning guest and friend, Mark K. Sargent (search his name on Rumble, Bitchute, or your favorite search engine to find him).

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