Cures Without Harm: The Practice Of Homeopathy - Master Teacher Joette Calabrese


Cures Without Harm: The Practice Of Homeopathy - Master Teacher Joette Calabrese | Richard Sacks

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 6/25/23

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In 1796, Samuel Hahnemann developed a healing art based on two principles he explained as "like cures like" and "dilution increases potency." To produce remedies, he diluted substances connected to the condition to be cured. The dilutions were so extreme as to make the original ingredient virtually undetectable, leaving only an energy imprint." Modern medical science, which itself has a horrendous track record of causing injury and death (see Death by Medicine, a paper by Gary Null, Ph.D. and Carolyn Dean, M.D.), considers these principles unfounded and false ( The problem with this dismissal of homeopathy by the conventional medical and academic authorities is, as homeopathic consultant and teacher Joette Calabrese ( explains on her website, that vast numbers of people have benefited form homeopathic remedies for hundreds of years without the harm of so-called "side" effects that are an unavoidable part of a medical system that uses toxic synthetic chemicals as "medicine."

Joette Calabrese has seen first-hand both the damage conventional medicine can cause, and the amazing cases where homeopathy has been able to repair that damage, as well as curing the condition the medical system had failed to help. Joette's training and extensive experience qualify her as a unique and insightful teacher. From her website: "Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH has practiced as a homeopathic consultant since 1997. She began her studies in classical homeopathy in 1986 and completed her five-year degree with the North American Homeopathic Master Clinician Course and the Dynamis School of Advanced Homeopathy in Toronto, Canada. She has studied with world-class homeopaths such as Lou Kline (Vancouver), Jeremy Sherr (London), Jan Scholten (Netherlands), Andre Saine (Montreal), Richard Moskowitz, M.D. (California) and Dr. A.U. Ramakrishnan (India)." Our discussion this weekend will give you a sample of her wisdom.

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