MY Overview Timeline explained Genesis to 2012 - Game of Thrones Banking Law Exchequer

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Here is my views on the NWO timeline agendas from Genesis to 2012 (now), these are just my current views and they can and do change.
******About referencing Zen Garcia, I was sorry to see he just posted a video that he believes the flat earth thing, and I believe that whole thing to be a total PSY OP to make truthers look bad, so I'm now sorry I referenced him, BUT his work on the bloodlines is good, and I in NO WAY think he is in on the PSYOP, I think he's just very open-minded and questions everything, may even a bit gullible (sorry Zen), I prefer the word ' innocent' for him as I like his material generally.
I welcome constructive comments and suggestions for future video topics ;) Thanks