Part 2 - All-Cause Excess Mortality In The USA & 5G EMF Radiation As The Cause of ALL CV Injuries & Deaths!

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During the meeting, Dr. Robert Young and Anders Brunstad presented data sets that showed a correlation between excess mortality rates in the United States and 5G electromagnetic microwave radiation frequencies. They highlighted the difference in mortality rates between rural states and metropolitan areas, with cities having higher rates of mortality. The speakers also discussed the correlation between mortality rates and the density of the population, with cities having higher mortality rates than rural areas. The data sets showed that there is no excess mortality in the 85+ age group in rural areas, while there is a significant increase in mortality rates in metropolitan areas. The speakers emphasized the importance of sharing this information with loved ones and the world to raise awareness about the risks associated with exposure to high-frequency 5G radiation and the undisclosed ingredients of graphene and ferric oxide in the CV vaccine that amplifies 5G radiation in the human body causing injury and death!Show more
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Excess Mortality in the United States and its Relationship to 5G Electromagnetic Frequencies0:06
All cause excess mortality in the United States related to 5G electromagnetic frequencies and COVID-19
Comparison of excess mortality rates in rural states and metro states with big cities
The Relationship Between Electromagnetic Frequencies and Mortality Rates15:26
The correlation between exposure to high frequency 5G at high power and increased mortality rates.
The impact of electromagnetic frequencies, specifically those in the microwave range, on all living beings.21:05
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