WARNING ⚠️ WiFi to 'SEE' People Through Walls in DETAIL! - SHTF 2023

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WARNING: WiFi to 'SEE' People Through Walls in DETAIL! | SHTF 2023 Did you know that your WiFi router can see you in your home in detail? Well, this is a fact! In this video, we're discussing how WiFi routers are designed to detect people in their homes in the future, and what we can do to prepare for this. Is this SHTF 2023, Should we be Prepping? If you're concerned about the safety of your family in the future, then be sure to watch this video! We'll talk about the food shortages that are predicted in the future, the rise in food inflation, and how to prepare for these events. By understanding the dangers that are looming, you can make sensible preparations for when the SHTF arrives! That’s right this is a big warning that Wi-Fi can be enabled to see through walls of people in detail through the router, did you know the router can see you? This is definitely going to be an SHTF 2023, have you been getting ready for SHTF, prepping for SHTF, well this is a new level of surveillance that isn’t stopped by walls, it is about routers, possibly spying on you, and definitely detecting what you’re doing and where you’re going throughout your house, potentially, be sure to be watching us here on Riverside, Homestead, life and other prepping channels like pinball preparedness, Alaska prep or Canadian prepper to learn about prepping and learn about alerts such as you learn on Canadian prepper in Alaska prepper learning about warnings and what to do with prepping for SHTS that is SHDF 2023 will give you a sense of prepping for 2023 a prep now mindset for preppers and beginner preppers a sense of emergency preparedness and like with this Wi-Fi 2023, did you know your Wi-Fi in 2023 with your router and 2023 could potentially see you in your house your Wi-Fi router detecting where you’re at your posture and what you’re doing? That is crazy that is why people are SHTF, prepping many preppers are prepping for empty shelves and food, shortages and inflation, and if you’ve been prepping for food, shortages, inflation, and empty shelves, you’re not a doomsday prepper you’re a disaster, preparedness type of person much like us here at Riverside Homestead life we are trying to be ready, emergency, preparedness, prep now for SHTF 2023, prepping for SHTF not just empty shelves not just inflation buffer weird stuff surveillance like with this your router spying on you through Wi-Fi that is crazy ———- ARTICLE references in this video. Vice article: https://www.vice.com/en/article/y3p7xj/scientists-are-getting-eerily-good-at-using-wifi-to-see-people-through-walls-in-detail EXTREME TECH article: https://www.extremetech.com/extreme/342346-researchers-use-cheap-wi-fi-routers-to-detect-human-posture ————— VIDEOS: EMERGENCY HEAT FOR 1000 S.F. https://youtu.be/Pna9sRU-Iwc BERKEY WATER FILTER https://youtu.be/E0lItvVlVOg PRPPING DEALS GOING ON RIGHT NOW https://youtu.be/5qUak0UE80E FDA APROVES LAB MADE MEAT FOR HUMAN CONSUMTION https://youtu.be/lTEFcQ2Gf0g OUR FREEZER AND STOCKING PLAN https://youtu.be/o5MB28KIFTQ PORTABLE GENERATOR https://youtu.be/yv2siuA-0RI JACKERY PORTABLE GENERATO https://youtu.be/bGtyjahdDOI FREEZE DRYER VIDEO https://youtu.be/-tI-zxuMBks 6 STATES WARNED OF ROLLING BLACK OUTS https://youtu.be/9hsFvxaP9Ak 3 MONTH FOOD SUPPLY https://youtu.be/MKAlePSS_38 ------- Protect your Future with Gold Genesis Gold Group | https://genesisgoldgroup.com/ Jonathan - 1-800-200-4653 #shtf #routers2023 #shtf2023