Ireland Farmers Offered $ $ To Cull Cows / Hugo Talks (04-8-2022)

Ireland Farmers Offered $ $ To Cull Cows / Hugo Talks (04-8-2022) Ireland Farmers Offered $ $ To Cull Cows / Hugo Talks (04-8-2022)
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Ireland Farmers Offered 馃挵馃挷 To Cull Cows / Hugo Talks (04-8-2022)


Just some common sense, I'm getting more and more annoyed at the farmers with their so-called rebellion against the Government that wants to demolish their farms, all their demonstrations will lead to nothing, and will only play into the hands of the evil fucks. The only thing all the farmers have to do is just stop selling their products to the corporations, by simply refusing them to buy food from the farm (you are not obligated to sell to them) and just do it themselves, and just sell their grown food to everyone on their own farms. Do you want to eat? then you go to the farm and buy your potatoes, vegetables, milk, butter, etc. from the farmer, and it will also be a lot cheaper. In fact, the corporations do exactly the same, they just buy it from the farmer...where else? and then transport it to the supermarket where you have to pay 10x as much for it. If the Corporations are no longer allowed to buy food from the farmer, the supermarket will soon be empty and together with the Corporations they will soon be bankrupt...and their power over the slavish people will soon disappear....I keep it short, because it is not higher math what i am saying here,'s all that simple, fuck the Corporations and their vassals whores, and the farmers can just keep growing their food for everyone....(and also those rats from the government have to buy their meat, milk, potatoes, etc. from the farmer themselves, otherwise they have to go to bed with an empty stomach :p ). It's a shame that those stupid farmers can't come up with this themselves...pfff...and the farmers just keep on complaining and protesting against the state, but every early morning the trucks from the corporations drive into their farmyards to pick up their grown food, milk, meat etc... what a joke