Yuval Noah Harari WEF Lead Advisor

Yuval Noah Harari WEF Lead Advisor Yuval Noah Harari WEF Lead Advisor
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Btw, what he says from 6:24 in the video:
Where this sick psychopath, call themselves a god, in fact, they even think they are above the gods. By saying that they themselves have created a new kind of man by comparing what God has made. God only created organic human, says this piece of shit, and we created an in-organic human being, and we are now above the god of the bible...(but he also says in another video: that the god of the bible doesn't exist...how the fuck can you than say you're above the god of the bible if god doesn't exist? ...what a joke) The only thing they creates is a turd every day when they go to the bathroom. Create a new kind of human? then why do they need an organic human to create their monsters on? by making changes in a human? That's not creating. Because they can't create their new kind of human...Actually this is all too laughable for words, what a sick fantasy have all this fuckers in there head ...hilarious.

Yuval Noah Harari in his clown suit https://gfycat.com/legalgenerousdarklingbeetle-me-irl