Technocracy - Patrick Wood (2011)

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I downloaded this video in 2011 and then also replied to someone who commented on it and was saying this:

"Democracy will no longer exist. And we will expect a transition that will first be fascism, such as the Nazi regime. But that the Nazi regime will not last long either, because of the massive resistance from the population. And that communism will arise, so that everyone will feel a bit equal."
^Yep ;-) But in my opinion communism is also as good as dead and will also disappear completely (from what is left of it) and they come up with a total new system. I said in my teens that "eventually there will be a system where the techies will be in charge and will control everything and everyone with technical shit." A Theocracy, so the world will have to go suffer under that, and where eventually governments will also be replaced by technical men, who do not have to answer to the dumb herd of sheep. So then they only have to make sure that you pay for everything you do, and everything else you do will be also controlled by computer controle. How convenient, a system where the real leaders of the theocracy can live happily as a sort of "god" without all the nagging of their slaves.
(these comments are from 2011)


...but hardly anyone wanted to hear this back then
(which will eventually become a technocratic meritocracy… a system that has not yet been unleashed on the world.....but will come)