The Basics Of Nuclear Weapons & Power - Dr. Chris Busby's The Basics Of Nuclear Weapons & Power - Dr. Chris Busby's

The Basics Of Nuclear Weapons & Power - Dr. Chris Busby's Mini-Cl...  

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The Basics Of Nuclear Weapons & Power - Dr. Chris Busby's "Mini-Class" | Richard Sacks

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 7/3/22

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Dr. Chris Busby's ( ( ( long career is mostly focused on the actual effects of radiation on living tissues, but he also has a clear grasp of how nuclear weapons and power generation work. And unlike some high-level experts who may lack the ability to communicate well with the general public, he is also good at making his points understandable in simple but accurate terms. With the very real threat of nuclear war and annihilation hanging over all of our heads, thanks to the belligerent policies and actions of NATO and the covert rulers of the U.S. who are trying to destroy America and the world in many ways at once, I felt it would be a good time to get an introduction (or refresher) on nuclear basics. Dr. Busby was my first choice to teach it, if he would agree, which he graciously did.

I had another reason to address this subject now. There have been some videos going around the internet saying that nuclear weapons, nuclear power and radiation actually don't exist. They seem to stem mostly from people's understanding of talks given by nuclear expert Galen Winsor, and commented on by others ( I located a fairly comprehensive presentation of Galen Winsor's main points and sent it to Dr. Busby to review ( before the show. This should add an additional level of interest to an already high-priority topic. From watching the video, I did not see Galen say nukes and radiation don't exist or that nuclear power is not real, he seems clearly to believe in all three. But he does say radiation is not dangerous in the ways we are told. My attitude is I am here to learn something as you are, not to defend any personal beliefs or labels, but to see what another high- level expert in the nuclear field with decades of hands-on experience of the damage cased by nuclear radiation in many forms has to say. Neither Galen Winsor nor Dr. Busby is beholden to government or corporate controllers, as far as I can tell. I'll be in the classroom with you, and I'm looking forward to an interesting learning experience.

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