The Occult World of the Luxor Hotel ►MB33b ►William Cooper ►01-11-Jan-94 The Occult World of the Luxor Hotel ►MB33b ►William Cooper ►01-11-Jan-94

The Occult World of the Luxor Hotel ►MB33b ►William C...

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Many ages have elapsed since the Egyptian priest-king passed through the pillars of Thebes.Ages before what they call "the sinking of Atlantis", thousands of years before the Christian Era, Egypt was a land--they say--of great truths.It was certainly the land of The Mysteries.The hand of the Great White Brotherhood was held out to the Empire of the Nile, and the passages of the ancient pyramid resounded with the chants of the initiates--yes--for they were never built as tombs, but temples of initiation. And it was then that the pharaoh, now called half-human and half-divine, reigned in ancient Egypt."Pharaoh" is the Egyptian word for "king".Many of the later pharaohs were degenerate and of little account. It is only early pharaohs we now list among the priest-kings.Try to picture for a moment the Great Hall of Luxor--or, if you will,the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.The Great Hall of Luxor: its inscriptive columns holding up domes of solid granite; each column carved with the histories of the gods.There, at the upper end of the chamber, sat the Pharaoh of the Nile in his robes of state; around him his counselors, chief among them: the priest of the temple.