The 'Snake Venom' Theory: Fact Or Fiction? Hear The Story From Dr. Bryan Ardis & You Decide The 'Snake Venom' Theory: Fact Or Fiction? Hear The Story From Dr. Bryan Ardis & You Decide

The 'Snake Venom' Theory: Fact Or Fiction? Hear The Story From Dr...  

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The 'Snake Venom' Theory: Fact Or Fiction? Hear The Story From Dr. Bryan Ardis & You Decide | Richard Sacks

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 6/12/22

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Dr. Bryan Ardis, DC ( is a retired chiropractic physician, who has been devoting his time to practically non-stop speaking, in person and on shows like ours at Lost Arts Radio, where he joins us this weekend. The reason for Dr. Ardis' total communication effort to reach as many of us as possible is his unexpected discovery that synthetic snake venom, specifically modeled on poison from cobra or krait, appears to be both the cause of the original "COVID-19" outbreak and the primary active ingredient in the COVID-19 bioweapon vaccines. Confirming the validity of his extensively researched and documented finding is the news from Dr. Zelenko, confirmed by Dr. Ardis' lawyer Thomas Renz, that Dr. Ardis now occupies the #1 position on Pfizer's assassination hit list (Dr. Zelenko being #2).

Mike Adams was the first to warn Dr. Ardis of the danger of letting people know about the role of synthetic snake venom in the "pandemic." But after initial hesitation, Dr. Ardis made the decision to go ahead and speak the truth as widely as possible, traveling with professional security and trusting in God for the results and the protection of everyone involved. Dr. Ardis' actions, courage and honest speaking of what he has discovered is in line with real science. In our time, science has degenerated into memorizing and repeating information our corporate and government rulers deem acceptable for us to believe. But before this corruption, science was known to be the unbiased search for truth, without preconceived positions to defend, questioning everything, even strongly-held beliefs, watching for patterns and possible meanings, open to whatever insights the honest investigation might bring to light. Share the honor with me this weekend, of meeting and hearing from a man who is living these ideals in a world of insanity and dark intent. Any of us willing to build on this inspiration can become powerful channels through which bright light can spread.

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Richard Sacks, Host


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