Dr. Henry Ealy: A Real Doctor Breaks Through The Programm...

Dr. Henry Ealy: A Real Doctor Breaks Through The Programming - And Don't Miss Dr. Henry Ealy: A Real Doctor Breaks Through The Programming - And Don't Miss
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Dr. Henry Ealy: A Real Doctor Breaks Through The Programming - And Don't Miss "Beyond The Con" May 12-14, 2022 | Richard Sacks

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 5/8/22

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Dr. Henry Ealy is an extraordinary educator and naturopathic physician. He is the Founder and Executive Director of a unique natural health education school, the Energetic Health Institute (http://www.energetichealthinstitute.org). Dr. Ealy, our guest on this weekend's show, will be one of a list of inspiring and educational presenters at "Beyond The Con" (http://www.beyondthecon.com), a conference which will be held in Yuba City, CA, May 12th-14th (online attendance is also possible). It will go in depth into the great con-job of the COVID-19 "pandemic" that has done so much damage to humanity since early 2020, and was planned by our criminal rulers many years ago.

Now those same rulers are confirming their earlier announcements that a worse pandemic is coming, and we need to accept a new type of normal life with constant health emergencies, food shortages, financial collapse, total surveillance and control of our lives, all of which and more the rulers themselves are creating. To guide us into this dystopian future, our leaders are set this month to hand over global dictatorial power to the criminal cartel known as the World Health Organization, an arrangement which will cancel the sovereignty of nations and the freedoms of individuals worldwide, all in the name of protecting health (https://battleplan.news/watch?id=6272f32b45add153ce2c2411).

Dr. Ealy and the other great speakers at Beyond The Con will be talking about how to change the future, "from sickness and slavery to health and freedom." Dr. Ealy will be our guest on Lost Arts Radio this weekend to share his approach to health and life, and the humility and wisdom that not only doctors, but all of us need in order to make sure humanity moves into its real destiny, so a new world of health and freedom can become reality for all of us.

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Richard Sacks, Host