SHIMSHAI / PURE (..Like the Water..) - Healing Music Festival Tour, Dead Sea, ISRAEL 2010

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Help us caption and translate this video on \n\nShimshai performing one of his many beutiful original songs - \"Pure\", sitting on the shore of the Dead-Sea, in ISRAEL, October 2010. This wass on his first-ever visit to Israel, Shimshai came to Israel especially for a new festival called \"Healing Music Festival\" where he gave so much love thru his songs. \nAlong with Shimshai came to Israel for this event Ms. Zahira, an amazing vocalist with the voice of an angel, and also the very respected Mr. Jah Levi, Rainbow chant writer and reggea soul to vibe the whole planet with him.\n\nVideo Filmed, Edited, and Produced in co-creation by: \nAmiti Media (\nAssi Rose (\n\nDeep thanks to Shai Danon, Mordechai Brounstein, Keren Or, for manifesting the best and most accurate festival/gathering in Israel EVER! this video would have not been possible without them inviting Shimshai to Israel. \nFind more details soon about the next festival @:\nhttp://www.healing\n\nHelp us caption & translate this video!\n\n