Steppin In for Tony s Show Everything Goes 01-27-2024 Zac

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Steppin’ In for Tony’s Show ~ Everything Goes 01-27-2024 ~Zac

Zac & Yannis

To save space, Tony's regular pod links here
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  1. Reading Tony's latest substack
  2. Nano in baby formula... oops
  3. Reading Klaus Schwab's book and the WEF on nano and warfare


  1. Yannis link to donate to Tony to help him out at this time
  2. Direct e-transfer donations to Tony: 
  3. Librti forum that Fiona started so we can all talk. Make an account and request to join :)
  4. Tony made a Substack
  5. QnA Fundraiser for Tony
  6. Listen to this if you don’t know what happened to Tony


Tony's latest Substack:

Nano in Baby Formula, investigate for yourself:

And here's the diagram, SHARE THIS:

4th Industrial Revolution. If you don't have the book, well, here's the PDF:

Full Davos satire:

WEF Links:

  • Nano & geopolitics:
  • Nano changing the world: