Steppin In for Tony s Show Everything Goes 13 jan -2024 Zac

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Steppin’ In for Tony’s Show ~ Everything Goes 13 jan -2024 ~ Zac

Zac discuss xenoestrogens, endocrine disruption and turning the body into a wire.

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Tony is doing well
Nanoplastics researching hitting the mainstream
Endocrine disruption and nanotechnology. What is it?
Some of Tony's herbal solutions
Rhodiola (containing apigenin and luteolin) and sulfur foods
IEEE Turning the Body Into a Wire (the nano network conducts electricity through your body)


Yannis link to donate to Tony to help him out at this time
Librti forum that Fiona started so we can all talk. Make an account and request to join :)
Listen to this if you don’t know what happened to Tony
Tony made a Substack
Fundraiser for Tony


Nanoplastics in your bottled water:

Some info on xeno-estrogens (take the 'benefits' part with a grain of salt):

Tony's wisdom for today:

Resharing Tony's papers on Rhodiola: and

Your body is the network communication channel now:

California to provide free sex changes for illegal immigrants:

More alphabet soup insanity: