Tony Show Everything goes (25-9-2023)

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Tony Show Everything goes (25-9-2023) 

Tony Show Everything  goes 9252023

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Colossans 2: 16-18 and :20-22  16 [ak]Let no man therefore condemn you in meat and drink, or in respect of an holy day, or of the new moon, or of the Sabbath days, 17 Which are but a shadow of things to come: but the [al]body is in Christ.18 [am]Let no man at his pleasure bear rule over you by [an]humbleness of mind, and worshipping of Angels, [ao]advancing himself in those things which he never saw, ]rashly puffed up with his fleshly mind, 20 [au]Wherefore if ye be dead with Christ from the ordinances of the world, why, [av]as though ye lived in the world, are ye burdened with traditions? 21 [aw]As, Touch not, Taste not, Handle not. 22 [ax]Which all perish with the using, [ay]and are after the commandments and doctrines of men.

Protecting the sleep here where you can order a sleep tent then you have to modify it by lining the tent inside and out  with shielding from the silver fabric –copper mesh or fabric or aluminum which ever your budget can handle---here s where to buy the unit and you can shop further on amazon in your area for this or do a search on sleeping tents---after you line it up inside and out you have to ground this or what you will have is a capacitance which can increase the  charge within %2Btents&qid=1695519512&sr=8-20&th=1

Aluminum rolls that you would consider as  an option to line the bottom top and sides of the tent to protect while you sleep again use the search to see what you can afford

Copper fabric in volume ;hash=item3de18231e1:g:rzIAAOSwZ6tgDrFL&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAA4M8C%2FZDGDLgXVS7SQSbb%2Bu73fXi%2FcaHKOocYbPPsxnJg%2Bc7Njb1NTG0PYIdbm680gnYonccBznpFeMnjrTEg1r2b5uLcRPHn0pDOLaTPvxobI5CQDia38luXjTdG2ekCxoDIJ2NedFvFXqoEhytJhc1ZDbs6LiUGCQqaogj0KWKHvMSaMcUPjRwWmzu3uqZyqQ7DrxljYstLq6vC4ZisM3ac2%2BDr8fMQMCKUffPrrbA79fTiSvIcO4ykQrT2cwhQHot6S4rTozWpVaqk%2FPGcBYVT9vArshX4u4C2J%2F2Je0RW%7Ctkp%3ABFBM1J7r0thi   you will need to use copper tape to tape the edges  2 in wide and do one side the flip over do the other ---you do not want to  puncture this with a needle

Silver fabric and you would do the same getting tape and tape the front and back and overlaythe ends –no sewing that would leak in the radiation ;hash=item3de181f82f:g:76kAAOSwcfxgklxl&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAA8ELzB4Jl4Is3xA%2FYsfB4ewHZcFGYhQq8Ah5ugIp%2BHQzbozRFOw2eBDaI8QK4yo0%2F5XBqGBvkoKkVODIWwhx4AT79gUFL2hj0VIvBL7m98dH%2F2Y6YgHHBazWdL33z4Col07NcDv6lrrGDvjlKj7pY6IKM30sP2J2%2BrHp2mUFuISBVTtArxGE%2BreSRbrp6kYOijiKxmkQLamh9xeBPCq3sGVhPAI43BOcFqdXtQr74tRepvh39T2iQHLnk5%2Fq00o8ax1jN%2FpRm%2FbC0qTDG7qr%2BwtL1BjSWzqy7WW%2FSsdk8oKsXEEONi2M63R1RKbj4HhEeUw%3D%3D%7Ctkp%3ABFBMxOeA09hi

If youre not sure of mattress size to figure out how big the tent will be this should assist ;t=1s

A Man spoke out against the agenda that’s occurring in Canada and gave the details to the assembly he was speaking at---Can You hear it---can YOU TTttTTTtttTTTttEeeeEEELlllLLLLlllL  what the Canadian is Cooking ???  ; or

WEF is declaring itself as god(s) and to declare anyone contradicting them as a free speech criminal—and his goat is coveying  further the end of human reign and the need to have a united planet in regards to an invasion force ---it appears they are trying to consolidate the people to a army to fight something heading toward the planet---could it be Alien Intelligence-i.e Lucifer –is recruiting the people of the earth to battle the return of Jesus ---just a thought  -  ; or

Targetting of activation is being prepared to take out the jabbed –and the Trojan horse of these jabs --  ; or

Another hit to regulate CONTROLLED  speech as they are defining free speech to be under a guide line based on how they want to regulate us in a Orwellian way %20news/supreme-court-to-address-management-of-social-medias-toxic-sludge

The Fungus Among us may not be easily treated due to climate change!!!!!! Say it ain t so bozo---maybe they should say fungal infections will increase due to the GE of the land and the heavy metal spray from the sky that is causing the fungi to mutate and proliferate because the environments natural balancers are being taken out---like Trees!!!!

A Blast from the Past –a sneak peek at the things they teach—a view of whats going to be new –Time magazine and a few others shows the de evolution of mankind to mix the iron and clay  ; or