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Registration for Lib 528

When registering for the platform, you can change the form language to English or Hebrew by clicking on the pennant

Fill in the details as they appear on the registration form

Username Email First name and last name and note that the capta letters (system verification that the user is not a computer) is exactly as it appears in the form. Too small You can change the screen resolutions by pressing the ctrl key and one of the minus or plus keys to increase or decrease the resolution

Please note that if there is an error in one of the details, after pressing the registration key, you will be notified which of the details is incorrect and what needs to be fixed.

If the registration is valid, you will receive a message in the registration form that the form is valid and at the same time will be sent to the email you entered.

If the confirmation email has not yet been received, even after these steps, return to the registration form and click Submit again (the registration form will display a link to resubmit the registration form)

After confirming the registration by e-mail, you will be automatically transferred to the site.

Please note that the login to the site is using the username and password you entered in the registration form and not via the email (register these details or save the details automatically in the browser).

Technical Support

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