CIA MK-Ultra Reunion Party - February 16, 1979 - Leary, Lilly, Huxley, Cohen, Janiger, Harmon, Etc.

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Logos Media presents original footage from "the CIA/MKUltra program 'reunion gathering' that took place at the home of Oscar Janiger February 16, 1979.

People in attendance included Myron Stolaroff, Sidney Cohen, Al Hubbard, Timothy Leary, Oscar Laniger, Humphry Osmond, John C. Lilly, Laura Huxley, Willis Harmon, Nick Bercel and others.

Here the CIA's criminal masterminds brag how they fooled the American public into sex, drugs and rock and roll.

What most don't realize is that the counterculture itself was the CIA's MKUltra program."

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