Defending Freedom When Tyranny Strikes - Tony Roman Demonstrates In Real Life Defending Freedom When Tyranny Strikes - Tony Roman Demonstrates In Real Life

Defending Freedom When Tyranny Strikes - Tony Roman Demon...

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Defending Freedom When Tyranny Strikes - Tony Roman Demonstrates In Real Life | Richard Sacks

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 5/23/21

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The biggest assault against humanity in known world history is actually part of an attack on all life on our planet. It is happening now. Part of that assault is the literal creation of a fake "pandemic," complete with synthetic chimera virus, so that everyone could have a terrifying, invisible enemy to fear. Trump and others were wrong to label it the "China Virus". It was a US-China joint project, started in the BSL3 lab in North Carolina, and then transferred to the BSL4 lab in Wuhan, all with U.S. FUNDING, to keep this illegal project going to produce the perfect bioweapon for a fake pandemic. Not too deadly, so the perpetrators would not have to worry for their own safety. But something that would be patentable for use in connection to the real weapon, the deadly vaccine.

Numbers of deaths and "cases" would be made up from fraudulent death certificates and a totally fake PCR "test" that can be made to show positive or negative results at will. The fake numbers of "cases" would be used to scare people into willing taking the suicidal injection, leading us closer to total world depopulation, surveillance and removal of freedoms for our protection.

Unfortunately, this is not some fantastic science fiction scenario, it's actually happening. Now we're at the stage where the vaccine has already killed tens or hundreds of thousands (VAERS receives 1% - 10% of the real numbers of those killed or injured by vaccines). Most of the vaccine deaths are expected to be in the months and years ahead. This is known because of the coronavirus animal studies (the public is told animal studies were never done), that showed up to 100% mortality of the tested animals, particularly ferrets.

So far, this pandemic, announced before it started by Fauci and by organized simulations like Event 201, has been a great success from the point of view of those who created it. The killing by vaccine is well underway, people have been more than willing to give up their rights (they forgot those rights are inalienable and come from God). They've even been willing to voluntarily restrict their own breathing with self-suffocation muzzles to show their heroism. Is there really intelligent life on our planet? A rational observer would say no. Until he or she met our friend Tony Roman, owner of Basilico's Restaurant in Huntington Beach, California ( Tony knows about both freedom and common sense, and knows what tyrants do when we give in to their intimidation. Masks are forbidden in his restaurant. But it gets better from there. Intelligent life on Earth is not gone, and could still spread. Hear the rest of the story when he visits us this Sunday. It's not too late for us to wake up.

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Richard Sacks, Host