Primitive Water Filter 100 Effective (Clay Hayes) 18-5-2024

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"Newly" Discovered Primitive Water Filter 100% Effective (Clay Hayes) 18-5-2024

According to the CDC, waterborne disease killed over six thousand people last year in the US alone. Waterborne pathogens such as e. coli, cryptosporidium, and giardia are prevalent in many surface water sources. There are several primitive methods for water purification including surface wells (gypsy well), boiling, and other primitive water filters which utilize some combination of course substrate, plant materials, and charcoal. I recently found a research article from MIT (link below) that showed the xylem tissue of gymnosperms effectively filtered out all bacteria from contaminated water. In this video I set up a filter using those findings but also, using a never before seen method using grape vines as both a siphon and filter in one. A lab analysis confirmed the presence of e. coli bacteria in the water to be filtered. The water that passed through the grape vines had no detectable e. coli bacteria! You can't do any better than that with the best whole house water filter. This has practical uses in backpacking, survival situations, wilderness living, camping, etc. 


^Yep, in principle it works the same as I tap birch sap from birch trees every year in March when the sap flow starts, (with all the life juices in it that ensure that the buds can form and become leaves) and where the sap flow is filtered through the tree itself and is pure enough to drink directly, ....even without boiling it. ...But what Clay Hayes shows in his video: ...I would also boil the water that has been filtered. ..Anyways, you can also put a plastic bag (transparent) around a branch with green leaves and tie it off and bend the branch downwards, (the sun will cause the moisture in the leaves to evaporate and condense again in the bag and the water droplets will drip to the lowest point in the bag) and you will have 200 to 300ml (or more) the next day of clean drinking water...(and another fact from me... a tree can suck its water up from a depth of 15 meters in the ground   ;-)