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Born In Haifa, Israel.1982: 1st degree in electrical engineering from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, in Haifa, Israel.Show more 1988: High degree in electrical engineering and computer science from the same as above. Lived for 3.5 years in the UK, between 1995 - 1998. Worked in the UK, US, Asia, specialty - image processing techniques for quality and process control of microelectronic semiconductor circuit fabrication. In 2001 started my own high-tech company for developing metrology inspection machines for the semiconductor industry. I was President and CEO. The company was based on a patent of mine in optics. In 2004 I transferred managerial roles in the company to my business partners and assumed a quiet role on the board of directors. I then assumed a quiet life, away from public eye until about 2018, when I started to be an activist, calling to stop the deployment of 5G wireless systems. In 2020 I became active in Israel and in several international forums, as an independent researcher on "covid" and started researching nanotechnology, which I anticipated would emerge in the "covid vaccines" (injectables). In 2021 I started researching "covid Vaccines" (injectables) and I continue to this day. I am active on several international groups such as: Children's Health Defense, D4CE and Medical D4CE. I am one of the members of an international group called IIRT (International Interdisciplinary Research Team). Here is a list of some of my recent videos on the testing of the C19 vials with Sasha Latypova with Dr. Ana Mihalcea with Dr. Dan Broudy @EmpoweringBusinessCommunities:2/Shimon-Feb-2023:d with Courtenay, Trina and Emma from the UK with Stew Peters #1 with Stew Peters #2 with Maria Zeee #3 My research and video on "The Spanish Flu" kills-shots of 1918-1919 also, see here Show less