The sentient world simulation, you and your Avatar in a hive mind

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The sentient world simulation, you and your Avatar in a hive mind. Remote neural monitoring by DNA resonance      1,000,000 MUST WATCH - YouTube Keeps Trying to Remove This Video. 2023 message world news current events full video new video today this week this month this year collapse This was proposed in 2006 and has largely flown under the radar. Sentient world simulation is a matrix-like reality simulating humanity. We talk often about the quantum computers, the kind of ability they've got to map and model humanity itself because of this internet of things that is all around us now as well. We're feeding all of our information back into this quantum computer and it's basically got a virtual world where all of us have a digital avatar in there. They're able to manipulate the digital avatar in a virtual world and that's actually translated to effects in the real world. You cannot compromise, you cannot negotiate, you cannot surrender to a computer. It will continue to do what it is programmed to do. What might be behind this digital enslavement, but if you think that virtual reality and living in a simulation is just too far off, totally unreal, well that is exactly what the United States government has been working on. Throughout my childhood I'd always known of a facility called the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, located in the city adjacent to my own. It was looked at in the community as just a research facility where a lot of smart scientists worked on nuclear developments and other important technological initiatives. Well earlier this year my brother and I started researching nuclear weapons testing and what the psychological impacts were when we took nuclear testing into a virtual space. And as our investigation unfolded we found that the Livermore Lab has built an impressive greenwashing PR campaign that cloaks a much more sinister reality. Behind me in this relatively ordinary looking building is one of the fastest, largest artificial intelligence computers in the world. It's called Sierra, a very different kind of supercomputer than ever before. Lawrence Livermore is starting to work with IBM in a partnership and collaboration to explore how the IBM TrueNorth neuromorphic chip is going to be able to be applied to problems in the national interest. These custom designed chips and the classified software are creating detailed computer simulations to a level never seen before. It's actually the unique design architecture configured specifically to run artificial intelligence that is the breakthrough. Robots the smartest people. Artificial intelligence, AI. The idea is to port the software from the human brain. Rather than hardware and software they're actually going to a new form of software and that is the biological replacement of the human brain functioning as a quantum computer biologically and then loading people, integrating people into this new form of brain. It is called the Sentient World Simulation. The program's aim, according to its creator, is to be a continuously running, continually updated mirror model of the real world that can be used to predict and evaluate future events and courses of action. Follow us YouTube Instagram Twitter Facebook