Big Pharma Covering Up DEADLY NANOTECH: Clot Shot Hydrogel Highly Toxic & Contaminates Entire Body

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The shots were designed from the beginning to cause a massive depopulation event. Dr. Shimon Yanowitz is here to talk about the electronic circuitry found in people who have been vaxxed. Not all the Clot Shots contain the same technology. There are different batches and some are more deadly than others. Each subsequent booster will make vaccine shedding even worse than before. The scientific community is either willfully ignorant or actively cheering on genocide. Deadly nanotechnology can be plainly seen and observed under a microscope. Keep us FREE and ON THE AIR! SUPPORT THE SPONSORS Below! Get High Quality Prepper Food, NOW with $100 Buckets! Use Promocode STEW for Big Discounts at Taxation is THEFT! Never again voluntarily pay the Washington D.C. Swamp, legally and safely, GUARANTEED when you attend Freedom Law School! Visit: Protect your retirement, Visit our friends at Goldco! Call 855-706-GOLD or visit Clean up your AIR with these high quality air filtration systems, and protect yourself from shedding: Support anti-vax activism, free clinic care, and MANLY products like IGF1 visit: Check out for help increasing your mental & physical strength to battle the deep-state's KRYPTONITE plot against Americans! Magnesium is VITAL for sleep and stress, Get high quality magnesium and support the show with using Promocode STEWPETERS10: Check out: STEW20 for 20% off your order or premium CBD! BURN FAT, Lose Weight FAST: This Documentary EXPOSES The TRUTH about the New World Order!! WATCH: Go Ad-Free, Get Exclusive Content, Become a Premium user: Follow Stew on Gab: See all of Stew's content at Check out Stew's store: