When A Great Scientist Is Also Human... Top EMF Damage Expert Dr. Olle Johansson


When A Great Scientist Is Also Human... Top EMF Damage Expert Dr. Olle Johansson | Richard Sacks

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 3/20/22

Listen online: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/lostartsradio

Dr. Olle Johansson (https://vetapedia.se/olle-johansson-associate-professor-ki/) is one of the top world experts on biological and health damage done to humans and other living organisms by EMF radiation. When he has been a guest on Lost Arts Radio, I have been struck by his non-pretentious obvious care for humanity, in stark contrast to the egocentric attitude so common in what passes for science, and in academia today. Lacking wisdom, "science," like medicine, has become a danger to all life on our planet. GMO's, sophisticated mind-control programs, deadly drugs and vaccines, the life-destroying recipes for the cocktails of poison that also block out vital sunlight, sprayed on all life by geoengineering aircraft, the biological weapons being created in laboratories in many countries funded by the US government and other criminal organizations, these and countless other atrocities are developed by "scientists."

To be fair, most of them seem to be unaware of their crimes, at least at the conscious level. The carefully designed compartmentalization of modern "education," from preschool through PhD and medical school, is successful in keeping most experts in their own narrow fields unaware of the vital context of their own work, and the harm it usually ends up being used for. This kind of brainwashing does not work on everyone, and it seems to have failed on Dr. Johansson. His passionate focus remains on finding ways to heal ourselves and all life around us, and his intent in learning so much about EMF damage to humans has been and remains to find ways to stop the damage and help those who have suffered from the effects of wireless technology in so many forms.

This weekend, Dr. Johansson returns to Lost Arts Radio, and it will be a discussion far outside the range of his usual interviews. We will be looking at the current world situation and outlook for life on Earth, in the light of Dr. Johansson's long experience and wisdom. I think you will want to be there with us for a look at what current developments, both light and dark, portend for the time to come, and how you can help humanity make the best choices.

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Richard Sacks, Host