Courage & Wisdom - Dr. Amandha Vollmer: What Needs To Be ...


Courage & Wisdom - Dr. Amandha Vollmer: What Needs To Be Done | Richard Sacks

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 1/16/22

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I have been following the work of naturopath and holistic healing consultant Dr. Amandha Vollmer ( for quite a few years now, with admiration for her clarity of perception and outspoken honesty. Recently, one of the many great videos you can see on her website reminded me again why I had been impressed with those qualities before. "Were There Ever Any Valid Vaccines?" focuses on this essential question that most doctors and most members of the general public would answer incorrectly. That is unfortunately the case with most real health information, which is now violently suppressed in America and most of the world. Dr. Vollmer gets the answer right in the video (

There are two main reasons it is critical and urgent for us to learn all we can from wise people like Dr. Vollmer. First, we need to understand some basics of how the body works so we can take care of it properly and avoid falling into the pit of the self-perpetuating fake "health" care system, where toxic chemicals are called "medicine" and invasive procedures that damage the body are known as "therapies," and both lead to never-ending health problems. Second, we are all currently targeted in a global attack against humanity and all life on our planet, using deadly vaccines and many other weapons against us. In this kind of unprecedented situation, it is important we become as self-aware as possible on all levels, so we'll be less likely to fall for the lies and more able to successfully protect ourselves and others in our care.

Dr. Amandha Vollmer is one of those teachers carrying valuable wisdom based on experience. So take advantage of the free educational videos on her website, and meet us for an amazing discussion this weekend, exploring some of the key areas of knowledge we need to absorb starting right now.

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Richard Sacks, Host