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Objectively defining EHS as a Pathophysiology disorder

Consensus statement paper - released 7/7/2021 at the International Journal of Molecular sciences.
The Critical Importance of Molecular Biomarkers and Imaging in the Study of Electrohypersensitivity. A Scientific Consensus International Report.
by Dominique Belpomme, George L. Carlo, Philippe Irigaray, David O. Carpenter, Lennart Hardell, Michael Kundi, Igor Belyaev,
Magda Havas, Franz Adlkofer, Gunnar Heuser, Anthony B. Miller, Daniela Caccamo, Chiara De Luca, Lebrecht von Klitzing, Martin L. Pall,
Priyanka Bandara, Yael Stein, Cindy Sage, Morando Soffritti, Devra Davis, Joel M. Moskowitz ,S. M. J. Mortazavi, Martha R. Herbert, Hanns Moshammer, Gerard Ledoigt, Robert Turner, Anthony Tweedale, Pilar Muñoz-Calero, Iris Udasin, Tarmo Koppel, Ernesto Burgio and André Vander Vorst
One important remark - this paper does NOT call for Medicalization of Electrohypersensitivity, (i.e. giving medication to treat the symptoms while ignoring the high environmental levels of EMF mechanisms that are causing the Functional Disability).
This paper simply states that this physical condition that patients are complaining of needs to be taken seriously by Medical professionals and researched like any other medical or biological condition; and that it cannot be just "excused" as psychological or psycho-somatic, based on faulty (and industry-funded) provocation studies.
Objectively defining EHS as a Pathophysiology disorder

Objectively defining EHS as a Pathophysiology disorder

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