Dr Stefan Lanka viruses never isolated Dr Stefan Lanka viruses never isolated

Dr Stefan Lanka viruses never isolated

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Dr. Stefan Lanka exposes the existence of viruses and the misuse/misinterpretation of the PCR test (1996).

0:00 = “The questions is – HIV has been ever isolated? And the CLEAR answer is NO.” - Dr. Lanka

3:03 = “Of course if they take only patient, material from a patient, they NEVER WILL SUCCEED in viral isolation. They may detect a certain protein of a different size and say well this is part of HIV. They will find stretches of genetic material amplified with PCR and say well this is part of HIV – AND THAT IS ABSOLUTELY WRONG.” - Dr. Lanka

6:41 = “How is it possible that there are so many papers that have the word ‘isolation’ in the title if it has NEVER BEEN ACHIEVED?” - interviewer

“Well I think this is just a central dogma in this kind of science for example if you just look in such kind of books or various other books around retrovirus testing or testing for HIV you find the central dogma in the way beginning just saying retrovirus are the cause of considerable human morbidity and mortality, essentials for quality control and laboratory diagnosis, and you find NO SINGLE REFERENCE even where the proteins, the antigens used in all those tests were isolated from. You see? This is the HIDDEN AGENDA.”

“They say in their mixture what they are doing this business in the lab that they create viruses and viral proteins and THIS IS A CASE OF SELF-DECEPTION at least and deception in case of all other scientists who were supplied by cloned genetic stretches said to represent parts of the HIV genome. Working with this and believing that the original isolation has been performed in a proper way. So you know all science was based on faith on trusting in insider techniques applied by other people and they NEVER HAD DONE IT.”


9:00 = “Why are people so willing to believe in the virus do you think?” - interviewer

“Why are people so willing to believe in the virus… I think this is because people are lazy and there is a tendency to be lazy to have easy explanations for everything.” - Dr. Lanka.