All Conspiracy No Theory

All Conspiracy No Theory  

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All Conspiracy No Theory - Don't buy into all those silly conspiracies floating around out there? Well, this chilling video might change your mind. Witness actual footage of your favorite pastors, politicians, actors, musicians and comedians all sounding the alarm that something sinister is afoot. From JFK, to John Lennon, to Paul Washer, many have warned of a hidden agenda that lies right beneath the surface of this world, and some have paid for it with their lives. It's time you hear them out and genuinely reconsider what you believe about this issue.

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I have put together a lot of good material for the believing Christian, esp. the newborn Christian, categorizing it all the best I could. There is quite a lot of good material available, ranging from apologetics, which is reasons for faith and answers to difficulties regarding faith, to Biblical teaching, to in-depth examinations of various other worldviews, as well as videos exposing satanic teachings/teachers, occultism, New World Order/Illuminati type things and many many others.

I hope the video edifies and builds up the Church of Christ. If you liked the material, feel free to subscribe to my channel for similar material in the future. I love all of you very much and I hope you're blessed in the Lord.



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