The Timeline Deception - Part II - Exploring Tartaria

The Timeline Deception - Part II - Exploring Tartaria The Timeline Deception - Part II - Exploring Tartaria
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In this video, I got over what I refer to as the "dual timelines" and go into a little detail about how they relate to each other. I try not to bore you with too many examples and technical details, but hopefully you get the idea!

I also go over a few of the more major questions that you may have from Part I. There are some other more pertinent questions that I did not include, such as what is the "Rapture", and what was the Mudflood. I will throw out my theory on the Mudflood down the line. As far as the "Rapture" goes, please re-read 1 Thessolonians Chap. 14, and you tell me! Could the mortals at the end of the Kingdom be the ones who "meet the Lord in the air"? I'm not sure as I still can't quite make out what the apparently hotly-contested character Paul was trying to tell us.

As far as a more detailed explanation of the Tribulation being in our past, I may not be able to get to that one any time soon. As someone who has had a weird fixation on eschatology since I was a small child, I'm relieved to not have to think about the Tribulation for a while :) If anyone else wants to tackle that one, by all means! But as I said in Part I, there are already articles and books written about how the Tribulation fits into our past, and what the mark of the beast was, and the number 666 and all that sort of stuff. So if that's something you're really curious about, there is information out there.

Again, thank you to all of those who have researched in this field. I'm not going to list names because I don't want to leave anyone out. But I'm familiar with the majority of the characters in the Alternative History scene, and I appreciate all of your work very much :) And a special shoutout to my dear friend Nicholas, who has been a great researcher in this field, and has helped me to arrive at some of these conclusions as we hashed out ideas over the past 2 years through TTT (Tartaria Text Time).

Thanks so much! Hope you enjoy :)

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