The Fake Election & The Fake Pandemic - Alex Newman Explains Where We Stand The Fake Election & The Fake Pandemic - Alex Newman Explains Where We Stand

The Fake Election & The Fake Pandemic - Alex Newman Expla...

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The Fake Election & The Fake Pandemic - Alex Newman Explains Where We Stand | Richard Sacks

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 5/16/21

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2020 was a year of both accelerating tyranny and growing awareness worldwide to the danger we are in. The difference between these two trends is that the movement toward enslavement and extermination of humanity has been building according to a systematic plan for a very long time, and is now attempting to finalize its conquest of all life, whereas the real awakening of humans to the threat and how it could still be reversed is in relatively early stages. It's not a hopeless situation. In the end, we're guaranteed to win this contest. It's just a question of whether we take the longer or shorter path to the bright future that belongs to us. The shorter path is the one any conscious human would choose. The longer one goes through darkness and suffering that could still be avoided, if we use the time we have and choose well.

Alex Newman has been watching this situation develop for a long time, building to the crossroads for humankind that we stand at now. Educator at the Freedom Project Academy ( and Senior Editor for The New American Magazine (, Alex's articles are educational and insightful. His valuable commentary on world events as a guest on Lost Arts Radio is always a treat for me and our audience. This Sunday, Alex will visit with us to talk about two big elements of the global attack going on around us, the fake U.S. election that put an incoherent, career criminal puppet politician into the presidency, and the fake global pandemic the response to which is a tool of global enslavement. Will the people of our world wake up in time to overcome these threats and bring in a bright future? Alex Newman will share where he sees it all going on this Sunday's show.

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Richard Sacks, Host